Recruit Information

Currently not recruiting—please send any questions concerning recruiting to personnel.


Handling of applicants personal information

Pursuant to the Personal Information Protection Law Youth Planning Center Inc. engages in protecting personal information provided from applicants.
Listed below are terms and conditions concerning handling of personal information received through CV/resume. Please submit CV/resume upon consent with the below.

1. Personal information received from applicants through CV and resume will be utilized for recruiting purposes. Further, in the event of employment the personal information for the hired individual will be filed as human resource information. The personal information will not be utilized for any other purposes.

2. CV and resume will not be available to anyone but the interviewer and hiring staff.

3. CV and resumes will be filed in a secured environment.

4. Applicant may not have an interview without submission of CV/resume. The information provided in CV and resume will be left to the applicant’s discretion.

5. The applicant may claim disclosure of his/her personal information possessed by Youth Planning Center, Inc. and may claim for revision and/or elimination of any false information. Requests for disclosure, revision or elimination may be processed through the below listed contact.

6. If applicant is determined unsuitable for applied position, his/her CV/resume will be shredded and destroyed. CV and resumes for those who have been employed well be secured and stored in a safe environment.

Youth Planning Center, Inc.
Phone: 03-3406-3411
Personal information protection officer: Okada