Youth Planning Center, Inc. (hereinafter called “agency”) is a company offering public relations/PR services to assist and support contract clients public relations activities.
We believe that handling all private information received appropriately is a social obligation.
In order to fulfill this obligation the agency will implement the below listed efforts to protect all private information.

1. Obtaining, using and disclosing private information

The agency under all circumstances will only obtain, use and disclose private information, only necessary for business purposes. In the event that information is utilized beyond identified business purpose, consent must be obtained from the individual in advance.

2. Secure management concerning private information

Agency will take corrective action and rational prevention measures to prevent illegal access, disclosure, loss, demolition, alteration of personal information.

3. Laws, guidelines, standards concerning private information

Agency will abide to industry standards and laws for protecting private information.

4. Protection of private information (management system for protecting private information)

In order to appropriately protect private information, agency will regularly revise update its efforts.

5. Queries and complaints on private information

Agency will respond promptly to any queries or complaints regarding private information.

6. Disclosure of private information

Agency will respond promtly to individuals demanding disclosure for their private information.

Date:November 10, 2006

Keiichi Shibuya President

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Private information handled by agency:

Agency obtains the below listed information and/or similar in order to provide public relations/PR services for its clients.

■Applications forms from media to attend press conferences for PR & sports events.

■Applications forms from the general public for various campaigns held by corporations.

The private information obtained is only shared with the sponsoring companies public relations/ PR personnel in compliance with the privacy protection laws.

10830392(06)Holder of Privacy Mark, a certification granted to private companies who have the necessary system to adequately protect personal information.